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Poker Training - Reading the Board -3

Reading the River

Now we are at the last betting round. Having practiced the above it shouldn't be too hard to predict the four best hands with the added river (5th card) on the table.


25)  5poker training 6 9 6 Q
Best possible hand here is four 6's, followed by queens full, 9's full, and then 6's full of queens.

26)  A 5 3 3poker training 4d
The nuts here is 5-high straight flush, then four 3's, then aces full of 3's, and then 5's full of 3's.

27)  K J 10poker training Qpoker training Apoker training
The person holding the Kpoker training and a Jpoker training has a royal flush. The second best hand is the Kpoker training and any other spades. The third best is the Jpoker training and any other lower spades. The fourth best hand is the 9poker training and any other lower spades.

Test Your Knowledge #2
What would be the best hand anyone could have if no one at the table was holding two spades in example #27?

28)  A 9 6 8 3
Best possible hand here is K and any other clubs, followed by the Q and any lower clubs, then the J and any lower clubs, and finally, the 10 and any lower clubs. If no one holds two clubs then the last best possible hand is 10 and 7, to make a straight.

29)  J 9 5poker training K 9
Best possible hand is a king-high straight flush by holding a Q and a 10. The second best hand is four 9's, trailed by kings full of 9's, then jacks full of 9's.

30)  7 4 2d 5 7
6 and an 8 will complete a straight flush, followed by 3 and a 6 for another straight flush. After that, best possible hands are four 7's, and 7's full of 5's.

31)  K 7 2 2 7
Best hand here is four 7's, then comes four deuces, third best hand is kings full of 7's, then 7's full of kings.

32)  Qpoker strategy 9poker strategy 7poker training 9 7
The best possible hand here is four 9's, then four 7's, followed by queens full of 9's, and then 9's full of queens.

33)  6 4 2 8 4
If your hole cards are the 7 and the 5 you have the nut straight flush. The 5 3 is the next best hand to make another straight flush. Third best possible hand is four 4's, then 8's full of 4's.

34)  K K J J 8
The best possible hand is four K's, followed by four jacks, then kings full of jacks, and fouthly is jacks full of kings. So where is the ace-high flush? Sixth place here because of the two overpair on this board puts the possible flush card on the river.

Test Your knowledge #3
What is the fifth best possible hand in #34? Answer at end series.

35)  7poker training 7 5 10poker training Jpoker strategy
Anyone holding the 8poker strategy and 9poker strategy is holding the nuts and will make the jack-high straight flush. The next best possible hand is four 7's, followed by jacks full of 7's, and in fourth comes 10's full of 7's.

36)  8poker training 8 8 J A
Since there's no way to pull off a straight flush on this board, the best possible hand is still four 8's. Second best hand is aces full of 8's, followed by jacks full of 8's, and then comes 8's full of aces.

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