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Texas Hold'em Hand Simulator
Select Up to 5 Players

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1. Click Select Number of Players from the pull-down menu, and designate the number of players from 1 to 5. Poker Odds Calculator Howto One
2. Click on the cards from the deck, and as you do, they will become the players' hands. If you make a mistake, click on the card you don't want and it will be returned to the deck. Poker Odds Calculator Howto Two
3. Selecting cards for the flop,  turn and river is optional. Poker Odds Calculator Howto Four
4. After the cards are in place, either click the Calculate Odds button, or add the flop (and a turn card, if you wish), and then click Generate Odds.
Poker Odds Calculator Howto Five
5. After you click the Generate Odds button, the winning percentages will display above each hand.
Poker Odds Calculator Howto Six
6. If at any time you wish to start over from scratch, click Reset Board. Poker Odds Calculator Howto Seven
Using the Poker Calculator /  Hand Simulator will greatly improve your understanding of odds and hand value.

NOTE: The figures are the result of an exhaustive combinatoric system developed by Johnny Parker (sampling from the deals of  thousands of  random hands), a much more  exhaustive enumeration of  possible flop situations than the Monte Carlo system.
Poker Odds Calculator Howto Eight