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Poker Training - Reading the Board -2

Reading the Turn


13)  5poker strategy  6poker terms, glossary  9shorthand limit poker  6poker rules
Best four hands here are four 6's, 9's full of 6's, 6's full of 9's, and 6's full of 5's.

14)  Apoker rules  5poker training  3poker terms  3poker training
Best hands are four 3's, aces full of 3's, 5's full of 3's, and 3's full of aces.

15)  Konline poker training  Jpoker rules 10poker strategy  Qpoker strategy
The best hands are an ace-high straight (an ace and any other card), a king-high straight (a 9 and any lower card), three kings, and three queens.

16)  Apoker terms, glossary  9poker strategy  6  8poker glossary
Best hands are 7 10 to make a 10-high straight, 7 5 to make a 9-high straight, three aces, and three 9's.

17)  Jpoker reviews  9poker terms, glossary  5poker strategies  Kshorthand limit poker
Best hands are a queen and a 10 to make a king-high straight, three kings, three jacks, and three 9's.

18)  7rules of poker  4texas hold em  2d  5limit poker rules
Best hands would be a 6 and an 8 for an 8-high straight, a 6 and a 3 make a 7-high straight, and ace and a 3 make a wheel, and pocket 7's make trips.

19)  Kshorthand poker  7shorthand limit poker  2advanced poker  2online poker rules
Best hands are four deuces, kings full of deuces, 7's full of deuces, and finally deuces full of kings.

20)  Qpoker strategy  9poker strategy  7poker strategy  9poker terms, glossary
Best hand is four 9's, then queens full of 9's, 9's full of queens, followed by 9's full of 7's. 7's full of 9's, which ordinarily is a power hand, is only a fifth best hand here.

21)  6poker terms, glossary  4poker strategy, glossary  2strategy poker  8poker terms, glossary
As a rule whenever you see a board with all same suit, look for a straight flush possibility first. The best hole cards possibility here is 7poker terms, glossary and 5poker terms, glossary to make an 8-high straight flush.
The next best hand is 5poker terms, glossary 3poker terms, glossary making a 6-high straight flush, and best hand there-after is the Apoker terms, glossary and any other card.
You may have thought that three 8's should be the fourth best hand, but you'd be wrong on that because the Kpoker terms, glossary and any other card beats it. If no clubs are out among the players' hands (which
is not unusual with this type of board, the next best hand is an 8-high straight with a 5 and a 7 of others suits.

22)  Kshorthand limit poker  Kpoker terms, glossary  Jpoker terms, glossary  Jshorthand limit poker
Best possible hand is four kings, then four jacks. Third is kings full of jacks, then jacks full of kings.

Test Your Knowledge #1
What's the fifth best hand in example 22 ?? Answer at end of series.

23)  7poker strategy 7shorthand limit poker  5poker terms, glossary 10poker strategy
Best possible hand here is four 7's, followed by 10's full of 7's, 7's full of 10's, and 7's full of 5's. Take notice that 5's full, normally a power hand, is quite vulnerable here in this flop, where all of the other cards are higher than the five. Low pocket pairs flop low sets and make low full houses. Example #20 had a similar situation.

24)  8poker strategy  8poker terms, glossary 8shorthand limit poker  Jpoker terms, glossary
Here's an obvious one. Jpoker terms, glossary's didn't add anything which can beat four 8's. Four 8's is the nuts, followed by jacks full, 8's full of aces, then 8's full of kings.

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