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Texas Hold'em Pot Odds Calculator

It is suggested that you read the articles on pot odds before using this calculator.

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Pot Odds Calculator:

Outs On the flop for the turn Min. pot size to call or raise On the turn for the river Min. pot size to call or raise
1 Out2.13%$0.002.17%$0.00
2 Outs4.26%$0.004.35%$0.00
3 Outs6.38%$0.006.52%$0.00
4 Outs8.51%$0.008.70%$0.00
5 Outs10.64%$0.0010.87%$0.00
6 Outs12.77%$0.0013.04%$0.00
7 Outs14.89%$0.0015.22%$0.00
8 Outs17.02%$0.0017.39%$0.00
9 Outs19.15%$0.0019.57%$0.00
10 Outs21.28%$0.0021.74%$0.00
11 Outs23.40%$0.0023.91%$0.00
12 Outs25.53%$0.0026.09%$0.00
13 Outs27.66%$0.0028.26%$0.00
14 Outs29.79%$0.0030.43%$0.00
15 Outs31.91%$0.0032.61%$0.00
16 Outs34.04%$0.0034.78%$0.00
17 Outs36.17%$0.0036.96%$0.00
18 Outs38.30%$0.0039.13%$0.00
19 Outs40.43%$0.0041.30%$0.00
20 Outs42.55%$0.0043.48%$0.00
21 Outs44.68%$0.0045.65%$0.00
22 Outs46.81%$0.0047.83%$0.00

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