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Poker Resources - Sit N Go Shark

Are you frustrated with finishing out of the money in Sit & Go Tournaments?

If the answer is yes then you need to try Sit & Go Shark. Sit & Go Shark is a poker odds calculator developed by poker pro and author Roy Rounder.

Poker odds calculators, can be wildly helpful to players in the fast-paced
online poker environment as they offer real-time advice based on the
strength of the player’s hand, they are quickly becoming the norm in online
Texas Holdem poker, but Sit & Go Shark does more than just calculate
your odds of winning.

Sit & Go Shark is a unique poker tool, and its advice is based on Roy Rounder’s own proven approach to online Texas Holdem poker. It uses
a complex mathematical algorithm to help the player determine the proper
play in every situation. Shark instantly compiles data based on current
table circumstances – considering everything from the player’s cards to
blinds to positioning to pot odds and much more on every single hand.

Sit & Go Shark then digs deep into the massive database of Rounder’s
Texas Holdem poker rules to offer the best advice for the player. And all
of this dynamic poker advice displays right beside the table and in real-time.
So while Shark calculates, the player plays while Shark acts as a poker coach.

Sit & Go Shark is the only online poker aid created specifically for the
ever-popular Sit & Go tournaments.

The best part is you can get Sit & Go Shark for FREE just by opening a new
account with one of their partner poker rooms. Get Sit-n-Go Shark now Click Here and start finishing in the money in every tournament! - Roy Rounder

Sit and Go Shark Testimonials

I think the SNG Shark is a very useful tool. I follow its advice probably 95-98% of the time. In 7 games of using the Shark, so far I have finished in the money five times, three of which were WINS!!!

My game has improved drastically through using Sit & Go Shark and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If you lose money with this tool, you probably aren't doing something right! THANK YOU!!

Frankly, it's like having a sit and go handbook (Sit and Go Shark) that finds the section you need right away, at the desk as you're playing. I love it!!

Roy thank you for Shark. It like having you next to me as a coach. It has made a better player out of me. Not only with the program but I just came in second in a 106 person entry game on another site with out the Shark being there.

SNG Shark is getting better all the time, WOW my game has gone to a new level, thank you so much!!

Gotta say, the past 5 S&G's, 5 finishes in the money! And I know for a fact it's because of the advice from the SHARK! It helps keep me discliplined when I get impatient and want to play Ace-rag, and the betting advice makes it a no-brainer! It rules.

Simply fantastic! Shark kept me disciplined, not playing marginal hands or being committed to my blinds with pre flop raises from others when I had junk.

I used to be very worried when I play sit and go's... thinking am I doing the right thing. What now at this stage? Is it time to go all in? And many questions like that. SIT & GO SHARK ANSWERS ALL THAT!

Visit the Sit-N-Go Shark website now.