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What if I told you that you could have a comprehensive and statistically thorough poker strategy reference available at your fingertips during real game time?

What if I also told you that this strategy was created by a computer trading systems developer and author whose methods have been employed by multi-million dollar hedge funds?

Finally, what if I told you this strategy will make sure that you never again have to wonder when to bet, How much to bet, or when to fold on any given hand because the statistically optimal choice has already been determined for you?

What would such a strategy be worth to your bankroll?..Hundreds?..Thousands? ..a Million?

With some of today's hold' em tournament prize pools, do you think there might be just a little bit of the pot you could steal if you had the above knowledge instantly at your disposal when you needed it most?

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*The 5Th Street Texas Hold'em Smart Card System*

texas hold'em strategy card starting hands
texas hold'em strategy card post-flop bets
Advanced card front (actual size)
Advanced card back (actual size)

texas hold'em card component

texas hold'em strategy card component1
texas hold'em strategy card component2
texas hold'em card component3

(Actual statistical formulas are not shown in the chart above, but normally show in the color coded portions. If you don't understand how it works from the samples, you will when the codes are actually displayed. It's explained in detail in the instruction booklet.)

... For a very limited time, YOU, too, can quickly and easily grasp the essential strategies this copyrighted system reveals and start making the right mathematical calls every time!

Need More Details?   Basic Card     Advanced Card

Dear Future Champion,

Today's poker industry is booming thanks to the big networks like ESPN, TTC, etc. airing numerous poker challenges such as WSOP, WPT.  Its created a lot of excitement. Unfortunately it has also created some real challenges for new players to break ground against the ever mounting competition.

This can mean some painful experiences for newbie players, and a lot of time and money scrambling for new resources in hopes of gaining the edge you need. I understand your feelings. (Yes, I do read your emails)

Let me one thing right out in the open here... Poker Players write poker books to supplement their income. Some get rich at it even. However no one has summed up all the rules on a handy card that you can use during "live play". Some of you know by now that books can only get you so far, especially when most of the dialogue deals with a players personal lifestyle and experiences along the way. Books can give you a sense of the game, some psychology behind it, and some decent strategies even, but what happens so often is we get to the table and find ourselves guessing to often, and losing confidence because we don't have a statistically accurate and thorough reference that takes into account all the variables as they come up. You can walk into a casino and know you gotta pretty good chance of cleanin' up. The hold'em Smart Card not only can get you there faster, it will train you to think and act on your own as you internalize the system, it will become as natural as driving a car, or brushing your teeth.

What makes me so sure of this system? Well, I've been there... the ups, the downs, the wins, losses and turn-arounds over and over again. And I'm still doing it only now with a consistency of success that I didn't have before. I'm not going to say its all "The Card", it's the formula behind it. The card just guides you. You know, I learned some hard lessons early on with odds interpretations (pot odds, effective odds, expected value), because I didn't have a reliable reference I could use during live gameplay. That's changed. You now have a choice. For a small investment you've got something that could potentially turn you completley around from a losing fish to a savage, confident shark at the table. It's true and it's dangerous what you can do when you leverage the Smart Card. So why not make a "smart decision" and see what the buzz is about? 

Here are some real testimonials from others using the card:

Wow,  received the advanced card 4 weeks ago and studied it carefully. I entered an online sit & go using it and won $300. The card paid for itself and then some but, the exciting thing is last week I entered a 10K freeroll and won! Just the beginning!" - Ron M. Nebraska

As you see your skill level climb and your friends become envious, then and only then will you know for sure that this system really works...

You see, it doesn't matter how much money you've made. What counts is how much money YOU MAKE consistantly.

"Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your Texas hold'em card. Thanks to its recommendations I have placed in the money in three low buy-in tournaments in a row, something that has never happened to me before. Specifically I like the post-flop recommendations. I always had a hard time remembering the proper odds, but with your card and the color coding, its very easy and I can now focus on other aspects of the game. My bankroll is  now growing consistantly. Great Investment!"
 - Ted, Oklahoma City

The world is a big place with much to offer. I ask you this, "How much of it do you want?"

Do you have a desire in life? Do you want to reach your goals? What are your goals?

Is one of them to be a pro poker player? If so than you gotta get real with yourself and face the hard cold truth, there's some Big Dawgs out there waiting to put you in the dog house quick!

 How about turning the tables on them for a change?

“I’ve been playing Texas Hold ‘Em for years and the Card has improved my win/loss ratio immeasurably. I had no idea how many losing hands I was needlessly betting on!” - Steve Todd

Here are key areas the Smart Card system is designed to guide you in:

hold'em cheat cardKnow whether or not to invest in a pot in a given situation, and how much to invest.

hold'em cheat card Avoid making mathematical mistakes.

hold'em cheat card Coerce your opponents into making mistakes.

hold'em cheat cardUse deception & semi-bluffing as a means of "controlling" your opponent, with confidence

Are you starting to see the potential here?

Need More Details?   Basic Card     Advanced Card

As you will actually see when you study the Smart Card and booklet is that it's possible for you to start implementing these techniques in just a few hours. It's actually very easy once you know the definitions and guidelines.

Just about anyone with a brain can do it. Just follow the guidelines..

You'll also soon understand why other odds charts just don't compare and why, once you understand this formula, you can avoid otherwise potential pitfalls.

Like anything in life - there's a wrong way and a right way to minimize your learning curve, and maximize the cash you put in your pockets at the end of the day. When you learn the right way, raking in big profits becomes much easier and you can do it almost as often as you like. In poker, all you have to do is land in the money to be profitable. Minimize your losses, maximize your gains. Follow a structured system to keep yourself off tilt and put your opponents on tilt. There's no better poker system to do this than the Hold'em Smart Card. But your welcome to search for one!

  •  Achieve (HUGE!) Win Margins.  Increase your winnings ratio substantially..

  • The Smart Card is Like a Silent Partner Behind the Scenes that is Always Working for You

  • When You Follow the Amazing *Smart Card System* - you'll drastically improve your understanding of the game of holdem.

  • You will *Finally* have the tool that can Separate you from the Crowd of  Failures!

I've seen poker pros all over the world experiencing huge wins .(I know some of them) And most of them are never going to reveal to you how they do it. They've locked their lips and thrown away the keys.

In fact, I'm probably going to take a lot of heat for revealing this system to you, and its not likely I will be able to sell anymore other resources to you once you have your smart card. But because it's the right thing to do and it's long overdue, I'm going to go ahead anyway... for a few select people like you.

There is a requirement..

You have to be able to follow directions.

Need more details? Advanced Card

What separates YOU from the Pros?

YES! Enough is Enough... I'm Ready To *Shock* My Poker Opponents Now!!! And Increase My Wins Substantially!!

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Yours in success,

Mark D. Rossi

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