The Advanced Card, a plastic business card with a chart which guides pre & post flop strategy, demonstrates how a player can coerce an opponent into making mathematical mistakes (bad investments) while avoiding such mistakes himself, in most typical post-flop situations.

Advanced card B&W: The alpha-numeric code inside the color coded boxes shows exactly how much money you can contribute to the pot given the post-flop circumstances.

The card takes the emotion out of the game, discouraging the player from making ill-advised decisions. Unlike existing poker books, the card contains a clear set of rules which can be consulted during play. Simply put, the card helps you stay off tilt.

The card quickly lets you formalize a strategy suitable for the table at which you are playing, and just as quickly lets you make mid-game adjustments. The card makes allowances for adjustments between tight and loose, or passive and aggressive games, as well as the number of players involved. Unlike existing teaching tools which force you make arbitrary distinctions about whether a game is "tight," "aggressive," or "shorthanded," the card gives you objective means by which to measure these game characteristics, and a strategy to adjust to each situation.


Advanced card section: This picture shows how the alpha-numeric code and the color coding work together to give you very precise calling / betting instructions for a very common drawing hand, depending on your hole cards and preceding action when it's your turn to act. Using the card will help you play your draws correctly, and force your opponents play their draws incorrectly. It shouldn't take you more than 30-60 minutes to understand how to read the card and put it to profitable use.

The card is unique because of its reliance on Effective Odds, a rarely discussed concept seldom used in developing poker strategy. The card makes it easy to design a betting strategy in terms of both your and your opponent's effective odds. This approach immediately enables you to put your opponents into negative EV (Expected Value) situations, while helping you avoid such situations yourself. Additionally, the card provides you with a betting strategy for deriving information about your opponent's hand, and helps you evaluate this information based on your opponent's actions. The card also takes your game past the concepts of pot and implied odds by allowing you to plan a betting strategy over the course of the entire hand, not simply on a given round.

Learn to Semi-bluff with confidence. The card encourages you to be the aggressor when bluffing, and to force your opponents in to making tough decisions. In this method, you play with deceptive aggression, while setting boundaries preventing you from going overboard. After the flop, the card guides an appropriate amount to commit to the pot with different types of draws, keeping you aggressive while preventing you from over betting. Conversely, the card provides a betting strategy when playing legitimate hands that forces your opponents to fold their draws, or be sucked into negative EV situations.

Advanced card blank:
This picture shows the post-flop calling / betting instructions of the advanced card, with the alpha-numeric code inside the color coded boxes. The different colors indicate how aggressively you can play certain hands (fold / call / raise / re-raise) given how the action has unfolded, when it's your turn to act on any of the post-flop betting rounds.

If this all sounds overwhelming, fear not! The card is accompanied by an instruction booklet, explaining these concepts in clear terms, while providing concrete examples of how to apply them in actual games. Once you've read it, you should be able to refer to the card and make on-the-spot decisions during play.

The Advanced Card can be purchased for $67.

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Advanced Card

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