The Basic Card is a laminated business card with a chart that guides Pre-flop Strategy. It does so thusly: The easy to follow chart on THE CARD tells you whether to call, raise or fold based upon your cards, the actions of the players in front of you, and the number of players left to act behind you. THE CARD allows for adjustments based on game conditions (whether the game is tight or loose, passive or aggressive).

Basic card B&W: The alpha-numeric code inside the color coded boxes shows exactly which hands you can play when the action gets to you.

The Card's clearly defined set of rules takes the emotional aspect out of playing poker. You no longer will fall victim to going on tilt or "getting fancy"; when there is any doubt about your decision, you simply refer to the card.

There are many "authorities" who provide a set of recommendations for pre-flop strategy. Unlike existing books written about poker, this analysis is not based upon arbitrary distinctions, but on empirical testing. Furthermore, THE CARD can be carried in your wallet, and is therefore equally useful to the online or casino player.

Basic card blank: This picture shows the entire basic card with the exception for the alpha-numeric code inside the color coded boxes. The different colors indicate how aggressively you can play certain hands (fold / call / raise / re-raise) given how the action has unfolded when it's your turn to act on the first betting round (before the flop).

THE Basic CARD is an excellent tool for novice players who want to become profitable quickly. It can also be used by successful players who may like to have a written "cheat sheet" to consult during play (You cannot scramble through a 300 page book when it is your turn just to remind yourself of how to play in a particular situation; when it's your turn to play, the clock is ticking!).


Basic card corner: This picture shows how the alpha-numeric code and the color coding work together to give you very precise betting instructions depending on your hole cards and preceding action when it's your turn to act. It shouldn't take you more than five minutes to understand how to read the card and put it to profitable use. Actually top left corner of The Basic Card

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