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Poker Rules - Variants

Holdem Variants:

Texas Hold'em
Omaha Hold'em
Crazy Pineapple
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Church (or Iron Cross)
Omaha Hi-Lo
Spanish Poker
Double Board Super Crazy Pineapple
Texas League Baseball
Double Flop Hold'em
Blind Man's Bluff
Houston Hold'em

Super Hold'em
Tahoe Poker
Paigow Poker

"Texas League Baseball"

The dealing and betting is the same as Texas Hold 'Em. The only difference is, as in baseball, 3's and 9's are wild.

"Double Flop Hold'em"

Double flop hold'em is played in similar fashion to regular Texas hold'em with a twist. There are two boards. There is a flop, turn, and river for each board, and they are dealt at the same time.

Players make the best hand for each board. They do not declare which board they inted to win, but their hand is evaluated only for each board. For example, if you hold AA and the boards are:
Board 1: A2345
Board 2: K8875

You have a straight, ace to five for board one and a two pair- aces and eights for board two. You do NOT have a full house (using the A from board 1 and the 88 from board two).

Double flop hold'em is often played as a split-pot game. The player who wins one board wins half the pot and the player who wins the other board wins half the pot. However, it can also be played where the best hand from one board wins the entire pot.

"Houston Hold'em"

Houston Hold'em is a variant in which each player is dealt three down cards. After a round of betting, two common cards are dealt face up. A second round of betting follows, and a third common card is dealt. A third round of betting proceeds and the fourth common card is dealt. Players then conduct a final round of betting and show down their hands.

Since players hold three cards, a round of Houston Hold'em has a larger number of hand possibilities than Texas Hold'em. For example, two very different flush combinations can be made. The board may show Heart, Spade, Heart, Spade with one player holding three Hearts and another holding three spades.

Houston Hold'em also has a fun set of hand nicknames:

AAA: Triple A
AKA: Also known as
777: Jackpot!
747: Jumbo Jet
737: Southwest Airlines

Houston Hold'em is primarily played in the city of Houston and is popular among college students.


Each player receives 5 cards in the hole. There are 5 board cards, which are shared by the players. The board cards can be laid out in a flop, turn, river or they can be dealt out one by one. Players can use any combination between their 5 hole cards and 5 board cards to win.