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Texas Hold'em Terms - Poker Slang

Slang Terms (Every player must know!)

Big Slick: Being dealt Ace-King at the beginning, one of the strongest hands you can get.

Blinded Out: Being forced out of a game by the blinds.

Boat: A full-house

Button: The small disc that travels around the table to indicate who is the dealer for the hand.

Buying The Pot: Placing a huge bet to scare everyone into folding.

Chasing: Waiting for a card to be dealt that will complete your hand.

Feeler bet:
A small bet made to get an idea of what the other players are holding.

First Position: The first person to act in a hand.

Heads Up: When all but two of the players have been eliminated and the game is being played "one-on-one"

Hole Cards: The two face-down cards dealt to all players at the beginning of the hand, also known as the pocket cards.

Hooks: Pair of Jacks

Kicker: The card that is used to break ties when two players have the same hand.

Limp In: Only calling a bet, and not raising the pot. This usually encourages another player to raise the pot.

Loose Calls: When bad players make the wrong decision to call you when you have a better hand.

Maniac: A wild, reckless player who will play as many pots as possible and bets big.

Outs: Possible cards that can be dealt that will give you a winning hand.

Over The Top: Raising another person after they have raised you.

Pot Committed: Staying in a hand against logic because you have already bet too many chips to fold.

Pulling The Trigger: Going all-in with a hand when you are the short stack.

Put Them On A Hand: Guessing what a player is holding without seeing the cards based on their betting patters.

Put You On: When another player assumes you have a certain hand based on your betting patterns.

Ran Down: Lost a lot of chips in a hand.

Represent The Flop: Betting as though the flop strengthened your hand.
Suited Connectors: Two sequential cards that are of the same suit (i.e. 8H-9H or JS-QS)

The Nuts: The best possible cards for the hand. You have the nuts when no hand can possibly beat yours.

Trap: When you play so another player bets when you have the stronger hand.

Trips: Three of a kind

If you are serious about winning more hands, more money, and more Texas Hold 'Em hands every time you play, then it is absolutely essential that you learn these slang terms.
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