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Poker Room Review

Updated September 15, 2005

Overall 85 ...........................
Ease of Competition 78 ..................
Cashouts 94 ....................................
Customer Service 91 .................................
Software 92 ................................


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Click here to visit Poker Room

In my opinion, this is a well-rounded site. The graphics are slick, the site is reliable, and the competition is fairly soft. They also have a Java version of their software, which is very nice for people who use Macs or simply don't want to download software. It should be noted that Poker Room charges a higher rake than most sites for low- and middle-stakes games.

I find PokerRoom's graphics to be very pleasant. I like their downloadable software better than the Java version, but the Java version is still convenient for those with Macs or are averse to downloading. The downloadable version has the best system of player notes I've seen out of any major poker room's software. You are able to color code different types of players, so you can quickly categorize certain players as "fish" or "sharks." However, one aspect of the software I dislike is they make it difficult for you to request hand histories. You have to request them by the hand number; you cannot just request your last 5 or so hands to be sent to your email address. Also, if you plan on playing no-limit games, I suggest you check the "show stack amount" option under the preferences menu. This way you will not confused by how much people bet at no-limit games.

Use this special link to Poker Room to get 30% of your first deposit (up to $150 bonus.) Poker Room sent us this special link for The Poker Strategist users. If you do not use a link from this site, your bonus may be as low as 20% up to $100.

One promotion Poker Room has is a Royal Flush bonus. If a player hits a royal flush using at least one hole card, he or she will win a cash prize of 100 times the big blind of the stakes of the game (maximum prize of $5,000). So for a $2-$4 game, the payout would be $200.

Poker Room also has a "player points" freerolls, which are $6,000 and $3,000 freeroll events for players that accumulate a certain number of player points.

Another interesting promotion is their "Grand Tournament," which is a $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event. There is no entry fee to this tournament (Poker Room will not charge an extra fee in addition to the buy-in like most poker rooms do). For most tournaments that have a $1,000 buy-in, the poker room charges about a $60 entry.

Poker Room also has a "Pro for a Year" promotion. If someone qualifies for a World Poker Tour tournament from Poker Room and goes on to win the event, Poker Room will pay for that person to be a professional poker player for a year, a package worth $240,000. If no one wins this promotion (which is what likely will happen), Poker Room will host a winner-take-all freeroll for the people that have qualified for major land-based tournaments through their website. The winner of this freeroll will win the "Pro for a Year" prize.

Pokerroom is pretty good about cashouts. Request a cashout to Neteller and you have it the next business day.

The competition at Poker Room is about average. Some of the games are fairly loose-passive, but there are also a lot of rocks on this site. A good thing about the competition at Poker Room is that there are enough players at this site that you can generally find a game you desire, but there are few enough players so you can keep notes of the good and bad players with ease. No-limit games tend to be a little easier than the limit games on average.

Game Information
The site displays the flop % and average pot size which is very nice. This allows you to tell quickly how loose/aggressive a table is.

Customer Service
Poker Room has a very extensive customer service team, including email, live support, and phone support. The phone support is among the best I've seen. The operators are very succinct and knowledgable. A lot of their customer service is dealt through email. Most of the times they respond quickly, but I've had instances where it's taken them awhile to resolve matters.

Ring Games offered
Texas Holdem, Omaha hi-lo, omaha, 7-stud, 7-stud hi-lo

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limit: $.25-$.50, $.50-$1, $1-2, $2-4, $3-6, $5-10, $10-20, $25-50, $50-$100 (all are popular for holdem, $1-2 is popular for the other games)
Pot Limit/No Limit: $.25-$.50, $.50-1, $1-2, $2-$5, $5-$10, $10-$25, $25-$50

Tournaments offered
Single-table and Multi-Table Texas Holdem

Tournaments buy-ins
Single: $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 (30 and lower are popular)
Multi: $11, $50, $100 are most popular

Minimum Deposit: $10

Click here to visit Poker Room