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Party Poker Review and Bonus Code

Updated Sept. 15, 2005

Overall 93 .............................
Ease of Competition 88 .......................
Cashouts 98 .....................................
Customer Service 81 .................
Software 89 .........................


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Click here to visit Party Poker

Party Poker shares the same live games, single table tournaments, and payment processor as Empire Poker, so this review is almost identical to the Empire Poker Review.

Party Poker has over 10,000 real-money players playing during peak hours. When you include play money players, they have over 50,000 players during peak hours. Most of their traffic is their live games and their single table tournaments. They also have a lot of multi-table tournaments. Most notable is their Party Poker Million competition, where you can win a trip on a cruise and play in a tournament with over a million dollar prize pool. Party Poker now has the best multi-table tournaments on the Internet in my opinion, due to the vast number of people that join them. Also, they have a high buy-in tournament each day Friday-Sunday, which you can win an entry to through one of their satellites.

Use the following bonus codes to receive a bonus on your first deposit at Party Poker :

Use the code PC25 to get a $25 bonus on any size deposit

Use the code PC100 to get 20% bonus up to $100. So if you deposit $200, you get $40, if you deposit $500, you get $100

Use the code PCMILL to get a free entry into a Party Poker Million Qualifying Tournament (a $34 value) on any size deposit.

Basically, if you are interested in just a cash bonus, use PC100 if you are depositing $125 or more. Otherwise, PC25 is the best bonus code for you. If you are interested in qualifying for the Party Poker Million tournament, use PCMILL if you are depositing $170 or less.

This place is great about cashouts. The first one may take a bit longer, but afterwards, the process is very quick (generally 24-48 hours through neteller). If you have the highest level of player status, cashouts to Neteller routinely come within 6 hours.

Game Information
They only display the average pot size in the ring games, which is very frustrating. All in all, they provide you with little information about the games. I recommend watching the game for a minute or two before joining to see how loose everyone is playing.

The competition is somewhat soft at Party Poker. There are tens of thousands of players at this site. Many are beginners or casual players, but some are seasoned professionals. The games here are easier than at most sites. However, the games are harder than they once were.

Customer Service
Their live help feature is pretty helpful when it is available. But some of the agents aren't as competent as you'd hope. They also have phone support, which is nice.

Empire and Party differences:
The only differences between these two poker rooms are the promotions, multi-table, and the graphics. I believe Empire has slightly better promotions and graphics, while Party has slightly better multi-table tournaments.

Promotions: I like Empire's promotions better. First, their deposit bonuses are slightly better than Party Poker's bonuses. Party gives players a $25 flat bonus while Empire gives players a $35 flat bonus. Another reason I like Empire's promotions better is because Empire's promotions tend to give cash back to the players. Besides bonuses, most of Empire Poker's promotions are freerolls. Empire either gives away cash at these freerolls or seats to a major land-based tournament. In contrast, Party makes money off of many of their promotions. They hold satellites to land-based events, but they charge entry fees to these satellites. Party has bad beat jackpot tables but charges an extra rake at these tables.

Graphics: I like Empire's graphics more than Party's, but this just may be because I like blue more than red.

Multi-Table Tournaments: Empire's graphics and promotions are nicer but Party Poker tends to have better multi-table tournaments than Empire. The prize pools of Party's tournaments tends to be higher than the touranments at Empire Poker. This is because Party's tournaments generally have more entrants than Empire's. Thus, while the prize pool of Party's multi-table tourneys are generally higher, it is generally easier to win a multi-table tourney at Empire since there are fewer entrants. Party also has the Party Poker Million competition, which is one of their better promotions. Party Poker's buyins for their tourneys also tend to be higher than Empire's buyins. If you prefer multi's with buyins between $10-$30, you may prefer Empire's tourneys over Party's.

So, my suggestion is if you are a big fan of big-buyin multi-table tournaments, go with Party Poker. However, if you prefer to play cash games/single table tournaments, go with Empire Poker because they have a slightly nicer bonuses and promotions.

Ring Games offered
Texas Holdem, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha, 7-stud

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limit: $.50-1, $1-2, $2-4, $3-6, $5-10, $10-20, $15-30. $30-60, $50-100, $100-200 (all are popular)
Pot Limit/No Limit blinds: $.10-.25, $.25-.50 $.50-1, $1-2, $2-4, $3-$6, $5-$10, and $10-$20

Tournaments offered
Single- and Multi-table Fixed-limit Holdem, NL/PL Holdem, Fixed Omaha hi-lo, PL Omaha hi-lo, Fixed 7-stud (single-table only). They also have sit-n-go multi-table tournaments.

Tournaments buy-ins
Single:$5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $100, $200 ($50 and $100 are only for holdem, holdem tournaments at all limits are popular for both single and multi)
Multi:$5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $100

Minimum Deposit: $50

Click here to visit Party Poker