Hot Hands and Hot Rod Cars: Drag Racing on 5th Street
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INDIANAPOLIS (Striker News Service) - Speed is the language most commonly understood in Clermont, Indiana, where the roar of nitromethane-fueled engines sends tremors across the speedway and the infamous “funny cars”, little more than engines with a driver’s seat attached, hurtle through space at hundreds of miles an hour to the finish line. But the crowds here are equally thrilled to cheer on their favorite racers in the National Hot Rod Association Nationals competition. Each Labor Day weekend, NHRA racers and fans descend on O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis for the biggest, oldest, richest, and most prestigious drag race in the world. And now two of America’s favorite past-times have now joined together, as 5th Street Strategic Systems, Inc., creator of the world’s first Texas Hold ‘Em Strategy Card has agreed to sponsor legendary drag racer Doug Patrick in his quest to dominate the Super Pro Class.  
Thanks in part to the popularity of NASCAR racing, Hollywood movies such as “Gone in 60 Seconds” and a growing nostalgia for classic, souped-up American muscle cars, drag racing has taken off, and corporate sponsorship of drag racers has followed suit. Racing is now big business, and the grounds of this classic speedway are crowded with trailers and booths representing everything and every one, from auto parts and merchandise to the US Army.  
While Texas Hold ‘Em poker and hot rod cars may not at first seem a logical pair, clearly 5th Street thinks there is a synergy. Both pursuits appeal to a gung-ho spirit at the heart of the American character, and both have become industries with high growth potential. The 5th Street product, a pocket-sized strategy card developed by hedge-fund computer programmers provides Texas Hold ‘Em players with a comprehensive guide to beating the odds, showing players when to bet, when to fold and when to go “all in”. It makes use of a rarely considered and highly-guarded method of odds theory called effective odds. The Hold'em Strategy Card came into being when a Swedish bond trader became addicted to Texas Hold ‘Em, and seeking to improve his game, set out to discover if there were statistical analogies between the markets and the world of poker. Veteran drag racer Doug Patrick, also a poker aficionado and trading system developer, became enamored of the card, and agreed to a sponsorship. With his classic Oldsmobile Cutlass on the track, and his chips on the table, there can be little doubt that Patrick intends to go “all in”, with 5th Street along for the ride.

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