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Live Poker in Western Europe

Grand Casino Barcelona
C/ Marina 19-21, Barcelona, 08005, Spain
34 393 225 7878

While there are no shortage of slot machines throughout Spain, this is one of the few locations that host poker games. Generally, they have three tables. Two are devoted to €20-40 Limit Hold'em and the other is devoted to Spanish Poker. Also known as Synthetic Poker, Spanish Poker is a local game played in a No-Limit format. The deck is only played with cards 8 through A, and flushes beat full houses. Each player receives two hole cards, and there are five community cards. Unlike Texas Hold'em, players must use both of their hole cards when forming a hand.

Everyone antes €5 and receives two cards and one community card is flipped up. There is then a round of betting and a subsequent round of betting after each community card is flipped up. Generally though, all of the money goes in on the initial round of betting (when each player receives two cards and one community card is shown). Bluffing is pointless in this game and luck is by far the most dominating factor.

Holland Casino
Max Euweplein 62
1017 MB Amsterdam
Phone from inside the Netherlands: 020 521111
From outside: +31 (0)20 5211111

Holland Casino operates in over 10 locations throughout Holland. I believe the most notable one is in Amsterdam (which is the one listed above). I believe they mainly spread Pot-Limit Omaha and Limit Hold'em. I am not sure what the typical limits are, though many high stakes games (€200-400) are played when tournaments are held there.

Grosvenor Victoria Casino (London)
150-166, Edgware Road, London, W2 2DT
(44) 207-298-2411

The Grosvenor has several casinos throughout the UK, but the nicest one is in London. It is also the only London casino that spreads poker. They mainly have pot limit Omaha, ranging from blinds of £1-2 to £10-10-25, depending on demand. It is a very classy casino (though the dress code is not that strict), and the free sandwiches are delectable.