"Poker Power-Tips For Mercilessly
Whipping Your Opponents (Part 2)

"You have failed many times? How fortunate!
You ought to know by now some of the things
               NOT to do."
    -Napoleon Hill

by Mark Rossi
The Poker Strategist

Yesterday, I shared some of my Power-Tips for Mercilessly Whipping Your Opponents.  Let's go ahead and take a look at the final 3 tips - plus a bonus strategy for you to use right away.

(If you missed Power-Tips 1 through 4, click this link to see them:  Texas Hold'Em Strategies.)

  1. Step up! The higher the stakes, the more exact the play gets. This is because higher stakes attracts more skilled players. If you can clean up on the $1/$2 table all day, try the $2/$4. You'll learn from the better players, and soon you will graduate to that next level.
  2. Watch better players! If someone rocks your wallet for all you've got, see how they did it. Single out and analyze these opponents by trying to predict what they might have, and what their next play might be.

    Once you can do that, they are no longer the better player.
  3. Throw down! Try different styles of play. It's good to play tight as a beginner, but when you're branching out, try being that aggressive freak who everyone knows is bluffing. Learn how other players react to individual styles of play, and how they react when you change from passive to aggressive.
  4. BONUS TIP:  Hold 'Em is ultimately about making money. If you see a leak in someone's game, exploit it! That player will learn his or her lesson eventually, as we all did.

    Make them pay to learn that lesson. If you ever start feeling guilty about taking some fool for all he's worth, remember a time when it happened to you. Don't feel bad anymore, do you? Its part of the game.

Those are a few power-tips to help improve your game.

Follow those, keep practicing, and you'll be beating the pants off your friends at home games (or maybe even online poker rooms) in no time.

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