"5 Ways to Seat Your Way to Success"

                                                                                                               by Mark Rossi
                                                                                                     The Poker Strategist

The other day we discussed the first 3 Seat position advantages in case you missed it click here.

Power Tip# 4:

Fish-hole tight players on your left will more likely call a bet than re-raise even though they might have a decent hand. You can more easily scare them into thinking you've got the nuts and buy more free cards despite the fact that they've got a positional advantage on you.

Power Tip# 5:

The bankrolls of tight poker players tend to go down in small amounts incrementally, and periodically go up in mid and large amounts. Loose players have bigger swings.

Money tends to move clockwise around the table because its easier to read players to the right. When that loose player is about to take a negative swing, you want to be at a positional advantage over him or her.

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