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"5 Pre-Flop Strategies That Will
Expose Your Opponents..."

by Mark Rossi

The other day we discussed Rake Beating Strategies. Here is a great way to start off your game pre-flop. Before you start betting like crazy when you get two nines in the pocket, you need to carefully consider all factors involved in solid pre-flop strategy.

The factors to consider are the number of players, how aggressive/passive the players at the table are, your bankroll, your position, and how much risk you are willing to entail.

Pre-Flop Power Tip #1

Number of players - With 10 people in the game, it's much more likely that someone else has a strong hand in the pocket than in a short-handed game. Also, you'll need to be more cautious in larger games, as the chances of someone's pre-flop hand fitting the flop will be much better. More competition means stiffer competition.

Pre-Flop Power Tip #2

 How aggressive the players are - Assuming you've been playing with a few people for several hands, and you noticed someone is raising every hand pre-flop, you'll want to play tighter. Let the guy win the blinds  and nail him to the wall when you have a solid hand in the pocket pre-flop.

I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information today.  So study this info, and tomorrow I'll provide more of the 5 Pre-Flop Strategies that Will Expose Your Opponents.

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Poker School | Advanced Texas Hold'em Definitions | Hand Ranking Chart