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Poker Room Bonus Review

Click here to visit Poker Room - OR - Read full Poker Room review

Poker Room's deposit bonus is not bad. It is 30% of your first deposit up to $150. This bonus is a special bonus for The Poker Strategist readers, and you must click through a link from this website to Poker Room to receive this bonus. It doesn't take too long to work off this bonus, especially for mid- and high-stakes players.

Amount of Bonus: 30% of first deposit up to $150 max bonus.

Bonus Code: Use any link to Poker Room from this website. This is a special bonus for users from Poker Room.

Requirements for Bonus: 7 player points for every bonus dollar. You earn points by being dealt cards in raked hands. For every $.10 in rake, you earn .07 player points. You also earn 5 player points for every dollar you pay in entry fees into tournaments.

Hourly Rate: Here are the approximate hourly rate at the stakes Poker Room spreads. Please note that these are rough estimates. Poker Room has a more complicated rake structure than most poker rooms, which makes estimating the hourly rates more difficult.

NL (blinds) Longhand rate Shorthand rate
$.10-.25 NL $1.57 / hr $1.62 / hr
$.25-.50 NL $2.92 $3.05
$.50-1 NL $4.5 $4.8
$1-2 NL $8.1 $9.6
$2-4 NL $10.8 $11
$3-6 NL $12.37 $12.96
$5-10 NL and higher $13.5 $13.5


Limit Longhand rate Shorthand rate
$.25-50 $1.37 / hr $1.87 / hr
$.50-1 $2.75 $3.75
$1-$2 $5.5 $7.5
$2-4 $7.15 $9.75
$3-6 $8.25 $11.25
$5-10 $11 $15
$10-20 and higher $16.5 $22.5

Best Suited For: All players, but especially high-stakes players. This bonus has a decent clearing rate, even at low-stakes. However, the size of the bonus and the rate it clears is particularly appealing for high-stakes players.

Click here to visit Poker Room - OR - Read full Poker Room review