Frequently Asked Questions 



1 Question: There are many excellent books, tapes and seminars designed to improve Texas hold'em play. Why should a player add one more to the pile?

Answer: FreePokerTraining.Com recommends that players use all available sources to improve their game. But there is no substitute for actually playing poker and the card is the only concise and thorough poker aid that is of any use during actual play. Remember, when it's your turn to raise or bet, whether on-line or at Harrah's, the clock is ticking, and you won't have time to go leafing through poker books in search of an answer. Moreover, we feel the card does a better job overall of elevating a player's game than any subjective book or seminar. But don't take our word for it: try it for yourself and see!

1 Question: If the card is so great, then why are you selling it, instead of using it to "break the bank" in Vegas?

Answer: The card was created to accelerate the player's understanding and enjoyment of the game of Texas hold 'em, with a special emphasis on capital preservation. While proper use will certainly improve your game, the card is no "gimmick". Instead, it is an educational tool designed to increase respect for odds and outcomes, maximizing excitement for the player, even when "out of the hand". And when all is said and done, knowing the odds will certainly increase your chances of staying in the game.

1 Question: Won't the card take all the fun out of Texas hold 'em?

Answer: On the contrary, our focus groups have shown that use of the card actually enhances enjoyment, since it allows players to remain in the game longer, and make more productive use of the time when they are "out of the hand."

1 Question: I am already a good poker player. Can the card help me?

Answer: Yes! There is no better investment that you can make than one that will gain you an informational advantage over your adversaries. If you play poker a fair amount, we are confident that your investment in the card will pay for itself soon after you have started applying its principles. Please read the description of the advanced card for more details. Or contact us.

1 Question: How will the card help my play when I am "running bad"?

Answer: When you're running bad, take a "bad beat" from a lucky player or otherwise are not playing up to your usual standards, using the card will anchor your game. It will help you stay on track and do what's right for each situation. When taking a couple of "bad beats", it is a common phenomenon among all players (good and bad) to "go on tilt" or "start steaming." When you feel this is about to happen to you, take out the card from your wallet and play according to its suggested rules for a few hands, until you feel you can revert to your normal game.

1 Question: How will the card help me vary my game depending on the table conditions?

Answer: Normally you categorize each player along two dimensions. The tight-to-loose dimension indicates how many hands he plays; the aggressive-to-passive dimension indicates whether he is more likely to bet/raise or check/call. Depending on the players around the table, the table itself will also take on a certain characteristic along these dimensions. The card and its instructions hold very precise suggestions for how to deal with both player and table conditions, advising, for example, that you fold a certain hand during tight/aggressive conditions, but possibly recommending you raise with the same hand during loose/passive conditions.

1 Question: How will the card help me playing a short-handed game?

Answer: The advent of internet play has led to an increase in games in which there are fewer than ten participants. If you're playing early position in a short-handed game, simply start reading from the appropriate row. This way you can adjust your game beyond the simple idea of "loosening up" when the game gets short-handed. Now you have specific guidelines that correspond to games with a given number of players.

1 Question: Can the card be used together with other tools also meant for use during real-time play online?

Answer: First off, let us reiterate that the card is the only tool we know of that can be used during real-time play, both online and in a real poker room. However, the answer to the question is yes. The card is loaded with features that will not only help you with your game as stand-alone tools, but also add additional value to products such as PokerEDGE and Poker Tracker.

1 Question: $65 for the Advanced card seems like a lot of money compared to many books or other poker related tools, will it be worth it?

Answer: Think about it this way: If you play in a limit game with limits between 2/4 to 10/20, or in a no-limit game with say 2/5 blinds, the card will probably have improved your game significantly in at least five out of your first 100 hands using it (which would correspond to about 1.5 hours of on-line play). In doing so it will have helped you either save several bets when holding a weak hand, or helped you extract several additional bets when holding a strong hand. In either case, we believe the card will have paid for itself within its first few hours of use. And, unlike any poker book, you can start using the card right away during real-time play. No more, "I wish I could remember what that book says on page 128..." With the card you will have that information right in front of you, so you can learn, understand and memorize on the spot. Furthermore, while reading other poker books you can keep the card next to you, compare its recommendations with the book's, and thereby give yourself an even deeper understanding of the game's many intricacies and subtleties. In this regard, the dollars spent on the card will increase the value of the rest of your poker library as well.